Facebook: I bet you have it!

Hello bloggers! While I was thinking the topic for this week’s post I realized that I haven’t post about the most popular social network in history. Do you know which one is it? Facebook, of course!

I bet all of you have a Facebook account and go on the social network at least once a day (being that a very small number).

I discovered Facebook in 2008 after some uni friends started talking about “this amazing website where you can post stuff like pictures and connect with your friends”. I was curious so I googled it and after a few minutes I created my profile.

Facebook has changed enormously since I open my account. Although the style has changed and they have improved the features, overall you still can upload your pictures, send messages to your friends, post on their walls, connect with infinite people and see what everyone is up to.

What is Facebook?


I’m pretty sure you know what Facebook is, because there is a reason why this is the most popular social network. Anyway, let’s mention some interesting facts about their history that you may not know.

Facebook was created in 2004 as an exclusive networking site for Harvard students, but their global success started in 2006 when they were opened to the rest of the world. Facebook started as a social platform were Harvard students could connect to each other and then upload pictures and their status. In general it was a very overall website, something that has changed through the years. Currently it  allows you to personalize your profile and interact with your “friends” in multiple ways. According to their mission statement “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them”

Facebook timeline:

Facebook users

Facebook has 1.35 billion monthly active users and 864 million daily active users. These numbers prove that currently Facebook is the most used social network.

One of the reasons why Facebook has become a boom is because it succeeded targeting not only young people, but people of all ages. Its true that Millenials (15-34 years old) are 66% of the users, but still there is aprox 10% that is over 34%, what is way more than other social networks.

In terms of gender, females are the main users (58%). This trend is consistant with other social networks like Pinterest or Instagram for example.

Users consider Facebook as part of their routine, and they spend in average 21 min per day on the platform. Actually, 48% of the users check their account when they wake up; for me, these reflect the high penetration that Facebook has achieved.

Click here if you want to know more Facebook statistics

Facebook’s popularity through mobile media

First, I want to briefly explain what is mobile media, so we are all in the same page. Mobile media is portable media through mobile devices (usually known as our phones/smartphones/tablets). Mobile media has revolutionized the economy and societies worldwide. Information is available for everyone with a mobile device, so news spread way faster than before and in a much more open way.

Mobile media has changed our lives – I know it sounds dramatic, but its true. Mobile penetration reaches over 70% in the world, which means that almost everyone have a mobile device. Due to this, we have developed dependance to our phones that make us feel the need of having them with us all day (don’t tell me you don’t feel stressed or anxious when you forget your phone at home). With our phones we read the news, check the buses timing, greet our friends and share our selfies… basically, we do everything with them.

According to the latest comScore report, Facebook is the most downloaded and used app in the US. Previously I mentioned that Facebook has 1,35 billion monthly active users; from those, 400 million are ‘mobile-only’ users. Facebook has become part of our lives, and it is present everywhere thanks to our mobiles.



Mobile media increases interconnectivity, which is exactly Facebook’s most important premise. This social network allow us to ‘add’ new friends at the moment we meet someone new, chat with our friends, know what our friends are doing and upload our status at every moment, so we are connected with our circles 24/7.

Facebook has become the new way people interact. Years ago we used to call our friends for their birthdays, we developed the pictures from our vacations and then we pasted them in our albums. Facebook ‘upgraded’ all those routine things and allow us to do everything in the same online platform.

I personally feel that without Facebook I would be completely disconnected from everyone, and maybe thats why every time I’m bored (actually I do it way more times then when I’m bored) I check my Facebook app to see what’s going on.

Do you feel the same? Let me know what do you think about Facebook.

Till the next post! (Add me on Facebook: ‘Valentina Mardones Wood’).


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